Why We Act Like That

God delivered the Children of Israel out of Egypt, but it was much more difficult to get the spirit of Egypt out of them. In the same manner, God has delivered African Americans out of slavery, but it’s the spirit of slavery that is still in us, affecting us, and influencing many of the issues that we deal with to this very day. Pastor Scott deals with many of the African American issues of today and traces them to the real, true root cause—which is the spirit and mindset of slavery which has been passed down from generation to generation. This is not a book about racism; it is a book that deals with the spirits and strongholds behind the issues. It shows the true, spiritual roots of why African Americans face the issues that we face. Through an understanding of what has happened, what is going on in the spiritual realm, and learning how to apply God’s Word and spiritual principles, Pastor Scott shows us how we can begin to break these strongholds, and become totally set free from these lingering issues which have been brought on by the spirit of slavery.
Why We Act Like That
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