The Witchcraft of Profanity

In our society we have begun to use profanity like it's a second language. It has become a habitual practice in the lives of most adults, teenagers, and even our children. These words are not simply empty, meaningless words. Each of these words are demonic incantations, evoking demons to bring up evil spirits. In Hosea 4:6, the Bible teaches us that our lives are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge. This book will teach you what each of these words mean, and tell you the specific evil spirit you are conjuring up when you use these profane words. After reading this book and learning what you have been doing in the spiritual realm when you speak profanity, you will stop using it, and thereby cut off Satan?s access to your life. And, as a result, you will open up the blessings that God has intended for you. Visit us at
The Witchcraft of Profanity
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